Heerenveen, 10 juli 2017 – Antea Group and University of Groningen recently joined the Phoenix project. Phoenix is an radically innovative and intensively interdisciplinary European H2020 project in FET-Open, a prestigious scheme for Future Emerging Technologies for advanced, paradigm-changing innovation. Within this project, coordinator TU Eindhoven, together with RWTH Aachen and KU Leuven already combined their knowledge and expertise in the field of ultra-low power sensor technology. The additions of the new project partners strengthens the consortium in achieving its ambitious goals. Many environments remain inaccessible to traditional human exploration, even with modern cutting-edge technology. It is currently impossible to check the status of waste water under the Fukushima reactor, discover suitable sites for underground CO2 storage remain, or even analyze the integrity of underground water pipelines. The Phoenix project aims to change that with radically new solutions to addressing questions about inaccessible environments. The solution involves in evolving hardware: Phoenix evolves swarms of miniature sensor motes that, guided by a unique approach to formalized knowledge, continuously adapt themselves to efficiently address questions about otherwise inaccessible and unknowable environments. These miniature sensor swarms alternatingly evolve in the real world and in a simulated virtual world, which co-evolves to arrive on an answer to the original question. In other words, Phoenix is about the co-evolution of motes and models to converge on new discoveries. University of Groningen – Campus Fryslân (RUG/CF) is a Faculty dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of scientific questions connected with social and economic themes relevant to the province. The core philosophy of the Faculty involves connecting regional themes with interdisciplinary global issues The Faculty will strengthen the Phoenix consortium by providing expertise on how human knowledge and uncertainty can be meaningfully formalized. Antea Group is one of the largest and most diversified independent consulting and contracting companies, offering a wide range of services in urban and rural development in the Netherlands and abroad. Antea Group is active in the fields of environment, infrastructure, urban planning and water. Antea Group will contribute to Phoenix with computer simulation expertise and application know-how.